Dead badger records

Badger road casualties

A dead badger on a road is likely to be the only time many people see a badger. Whilst this is of course very sad we aim to make the most of these sightings by recording them. This can help identify important commuting routes which badgers rely on to get to food and water sources as well as other setts.
If you spot a dead badger on the road please report it to us- we need the date, your name, and a ‘six figure’ grid reference which you can find from the web site UK Grid reference finder and any details you can provide to confirm the exact location. You can report this via email to or via the link below:
Enter Records
It is important to record badger road casualties, as a badger which has become a road casualty may have cubs underground waiting for their parent to return. Not all badgers found at the roadside have been killed by vehicles, we can try to assess if the badger has been killed illegally and placed by the road.
Don’t ever put yourself at risk when at the roadside. If it is safe and you feel able to, check the badger over for any suspicious signs. Do not attempt to move a badger which is in the middle of the road, its is not worth the risk so leave it to the police- call 101.