About us

Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group

is a voluntary organisation which helps to protect badgers both in the region and, through our links with the Badger Trust, across the UK.

Our group was formed in 1980 to combat the regular digging, torturing and killing of badgers in Cheshire and Wirral. At this time, the number of badger setts on Wirral had reduced by a massive 80% in ten years, mainly due to persecution.

In those days our methods were to arrange patrols of vulnerable setts and, through talks, displays, radio and television appearances and road shows, we encouraged people to get involved with protecting the badgers and to report any suspicious activity to the police.

We have made progress since then. In recent years fines and jail terms have increased and the confiscation of digger’s equipment, including vehicles and dogs has dramatically reduced the levels of badger persecution.

But it still goes on.

Nowadays our activities are more about education and awareness raising. We spread the word through talks, country shows and badger watching evenings and we continue to offer advice and support