The Cheshire badger cull
The news that a badger cull could happen here in Cheshire is devastating to us all and we feel we have to do whatever it takes to highlight the implications of this to the public who may be unaware of the real facts surrounding the needless slaughter of badgers. With this in mind we have arranged a public meeting on Friday 15th April, 7pm at Adlington Hall, Mill Lane, Macclesfield, SK10 4LF Location details here.

The meeting will give everyone the opportunity to register to volunteer in the months ahead as we work together with like minded groups in protecting our badgers. If you can support this event or pass on the event poster we would be most grateful. You will find links to it on our Facebook page and Twitter feed @WCBadgerGrp

If you cannot make the meeting but feel you would like to add your name to the database of volunteers then please email

******STOP PRESS*************

Simon King will be one of our key speakers at this meeting! (Yes thats Simon King as in the guy off the telly: Big Cat Diary, Planet Earth, Blue Planet, BBC Spring and Autumn Watch etc etc).